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Sedona Experience

Enjoy the thrill and splendor of visiting Red Rock Country.

scottsdale, az
4 Days and 3 Nights

899 StarOptions®

Per Package (up to two persons)

Timeshare sales presentation required.

Timeshare Sales Presentation Required.

CALL 800-229-5630

Space is limited to
9 packages per arrival date

CALL 800-229-5630

Space is limited to
9 packages


Discover Arizona’s Best-Kept Secret

Pink Jeeps

Roll in for an exciting day of four-wheeling fun during a guided tour of beautiful Sedona with fellow Owners.

Named after the ‘50s-era Hollywood Western classic, Pink® Adventure Tours© Broken Arrow Tour is your exclusive off-roading experience through Sedona’s iconic rusty-red terrain. Pink Adventure Tours is the only guide group permitted on this rugged trail, making Broken Arrow the only four-wheel excursion you’ll experience atop the famous geological formations in Red Rock Country.

Your open-air Pink Jeep® Wrangler® will climb and crawl atop the desert rocks in Sedona’s most secluded wilderness. Disembark to take beautiful photos atop windswept bluffs. Wind through the Coconino National Forest and past the towering rock spires peppering Sedona. Thrill at the all-terrain action as your guide navigates you down Broken Arrow’s final run of crags, roots and ruts, The Road of No Return. After your off-road adventure, savor some of Sedona’s most succulent seafood, juicy burgers, and delectable small bites while enjoying breathtaking vistas at Sound Bites Grill.

Please see the event itinerary for a day-by-day schedule of this incredible engagement. Space is limited, so secure your spot now.

CALL 800-229-5630

Space is limited to
9 packages